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  • Genuine Toadstone
  • Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver
  • Custom Sizing Available



Toadstones are mythical stones that were thought to be found inside the head of a toad. They were believed to sweat, change colour or even heat up in the presence of poison. It was thought that a toadstone placed on bites from snakes, insects, spiders and shrews would extract poison from the wound.


This ring celebrates the medieval use of the toadstone with medieval style ring. The design of the ring was adapted from a 16th century toadstone ring that lives in the British Museum. 


The ring is 925 silver and gold plated with black enamel.  The toadstone is genuine and comes from Eastern Europe.  I currently only have 3 more toadstones, so these will be very limited! Each toadstone is different and unique so your ring will look slightly different than this.


The ring is made to order so expect it to take 4-6 weeks from the time you pay until we ship. We can make the ring whatever size you need. The one pictured is a US size 8.


To learn more about toadstone, watch the video I made.

Medieval Toadstone Ring

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