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This is a selection of synthetic gemstones prepared especially with the new gemcutter in mind. This collection of 23 rough and 3 faceted synthetic gems includes; synthetic sapphire, synthetic spinel, hydrothermal emerald, hydrothermal quartz, and cubic zirconium. In addition to the rough stones, the set comes with 3 poorly cut synthetic sapphire ovals so that you can practice recutting to improve beauty.


This set will give you a variety of challenges and delights as you cut your way through it. The stones have all been sawn into cubes, so that you don't need a trim saw to slice up synthetic boules. They are already a good size for cutting.


This kit pairs well with the Faceting Apprentice Distance Course. This selection of 26 stones will give you enough material and variety to get you through the first 16 courses.


Colors and sizes will vary but all kits will generally reflect the color and sizes seen in the photos. The kit pictured is 531 carats of synthetic material. Weight will vary between each kit.

These kits are made to order so please allow 3 weeks processing time before the kit is shipped.

Student Rough Kit

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