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Unfortunately we cannot restock these laps due to the Russian invasion of the Ukraine.  It's not possible to send money to our lap manufacturer due to sanctions and it's not possible for him to send us new laps from Russia.  We will announce on social media when they are available again but I dont expect it to but until late 2023 at least. Sorry.


We are happy to present our favorite sintered laps for sale. We have been faceting with these for the past 4 years and they provide a great user experience. If you've been using plated laps, then upgrade your faceting game with sintered laps. These are a copper and diamond matrix on an aluminum.  The laps are light weight but with a long lasting lifespan.


Benefits of sintered laps
-Last longer (years instead of months)

-Cuts quickly and easily

-Smoother, more consistant surface texture on the facet versus plated



We are offering two sizing options (6" and 8") in three grits:

100 grit (160-325 Mesh) for Preforming

600 grit (28-40 Mesh) for Cutting

1200 grit (10-14 Mesh) for Fine Cutting


The laps have approximately 5mm (1/5") of diamond sintered copper. The blend is using a very high concentration of diamond.


The arbor size is 1/2".



The prefoming lap cuts fast and smooth. Despite looking very agressive at 100 grit it gives a texture more like a 360 plated.


The 600 grit is the workhorse. If you are only planning to get one lap, this is the one. Often you can do all your cutting on this and jump straight to a prepolish.


The 1200 grit lap is for the stones that need an even smoother finish before going to prepolish. In some materials, such as synthetic corundum, you might experience orange peeling in certain directions.

Sintered Faceting Laps

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