The Faceters Tool Kit contains all the accessories needed for the new faceter to create a new handpiece-based studio at home. This kit mirrors the setup we have available in our cutting classes. Aside from this package, the new faceter will also need a faceting machine, a desk, and polishing laps.  We have recommendations available here.


The Faceters Tool Kit Includes:

Belomo 10x Triplet Loupe (Our absolute favorite loupe)
Loupe Gauge (For measuring the length of sides and corners. Necessary for perfect emerald cuts)
6″ Topper Cutting Laps: 320/800/1200 grit (1 each)
Felt Polishing Lap (For polishing girdles and cabochons)
Diamond Powder: 0-5 and 0-1 (10cts each)
Singer Oil (For making diamond slurry. Approx. 1+ year supply)
Red Dop Wax (Medium Heat. Approx. 1+ year supply)
Loctite 480 Super Glue (Approx. 1-year supply)
Alcohol Burner and 10 replacement wicks (Approx. 1+ year supply)
LED Gooseneck Lamp (Bright and Tall)
Digital Calipers
Digital Gem Scale
Tweezers (2 types; regular for holding stone, locking for holding hot dops)
3 Prong retractable gem grabber
Gem Bags (over 100, with label for writing)
2 Small bowls (For holding diamond slurry)
Wooden Lap Holder (Holds 4 Laps)
Cutting Board (To set your dopping station on)
Plastic Tray (To organize your tools on)
Spray bottle and Locking glass jar (For alcohol and acetone)
Synthetic Sapphire (5 stones, for prepping the polishing lap and practicing recuts)
Waste Water Tube and Hose Clamp (The tube locks onto the Sterling machine)

Faceters Tool Kit